The Story of Recharge Wellness and Our Mission to Transform Mental Health Support.

The Recharge story started off the back of Founders Nick and Femi identifying thousands of people within the system falling between the gaps: the gap between being ‘okay’ in the community and needing hospitalisation. After working many years in the public health sector, we realised people need simpler ways to access effective mental health support, regardless of their stage, situation or status.

Coupling effective technological solutions including software platforms with high quality professionals, we found that having a discreet and tailored approach to skill acquisition along with support from experienced professionals was the most effective way of reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety within our demographic.
our vision

A future where everyday Australians have adequate access to mental health support regardless of their stage, status or situation.

the mission

Recharge conceptualises and delivers innovative opportunities, for everyday Australians to get support for their mental health.

Navigating a Quarter Life Crisis

The Quarter-Life Crisis: Unpacking Uncertainty in Our 20s and 30s

The term 'midlife crisis' has been thrown around for a while, painting a picture of middle-aged people struggling with their youth passing. However, a newer term has emerged in psychology circles: the 'quarter-life crisis.' As millennials and Gen Z-ers navigate their twenties and thirties, many find themselves confronting feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and a search for purpose. But is the quarter-life crisis real? And how can online therapy help navigate this challenging phase?

Unpacking the Quarter-Life Crisis

At first glance, one's twenties and thirties might seem like the prime of life, filled with opportunities and adventures. But dig deeper, and many young adults express feelings of being "lost," overwhelmed by choices, and under pressure to meet societal and personal benchmarks. Whether it's career uncertainty, relationship pressures, or financial stressors, this age group faces its unique set of challenges. And yes, psychologists and therapists agree, the quarter-life crisis is very real.

Online Therapy's Perspective on Finding Direction

While the challenges are real, so too are the solutions. Many people are turning to online psychology platforms, such as Recharge Wellness to seek guidance, reassurance, and coping mechanisms during this phase. Here are some insights offered by online therapists:

  1. Normalise the Feelings: Recognise that it's okay to feel uncertain. Many people feel similar, and it's a natural part of life's journey.
  2. Reassess Personal Goals: Rather than chasing what society’s benchmarks are, focus on what you truly want. An online therapist can help clarify personal values and aspirations.
  3. Embrace the Journey: Life is as much about the journey as the destination. Celebrate small wins and learn from challenges.
  4. Seek Support: Whether it's friends, family, or an online psychologist, having someone to talk to can make a world of difference. Online therapy, in particular, offers a flexible, accessible platform to discuss and strategise through feelings of uncertainty.
  5. Focus on Self-Care: Prioritise mental and physical well-being. Activities like meditation, exercise, journaling, or even regular sessions with an online therapist can help maintain balance.


The quarter-life crisis, while challenging, is also an opportunity for growth, introspection, and redirection. With the right mindset and support – be it from friends, family, or an online psychologist – this phase can be navigated with resilience and clarity. Remember, it's not about having all the answers but about seeking understanding and finding one's unique path.