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The Story of Recharge Wellness and Our Mission to Transform Mental Health Support.

The Recharge story started off the back of Founders Nick and Femi identifying thousands of people within the system falling between the gaps: the gap between being ‘okay’ in the community and needing hospitalisation. After working many years in the public health sector, we realised people need simpler ways to access effective mental health support, regardless of their stage, situation or status.

Coupling effective technological solutions including software platforms with high quality professionals, we found that having a discreet and tailored approach to skill acquisition along with support from experienced professionals was the most effective way of reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety within our demographic.
our vision

A future where everyday Australians have adequate access to mental health support regardless of their stage, status or situation.

the mission

Recharge conceptualises and delivers innovative opportunities, for everyday Australians to get support for their mental health.

Rethinking Modern Dating
In today's world, finding love or companionship often requires just a few swipes and clicks. With the rise of dating apps, traditional dating has evolved, making way for what we popularly term as "swipe culture".
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Navigating Stress Working from Home
Remote work and the ‘gig economy’ has reshaped the modern workforce, offering flexibility and autonomy like never before. While many enjoy the freedoms of being a freelancer or remote worker, the blurring lines between work and personal life can pose unique psychological challenges.
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Navigating a Quarter Life Crisis
The Quarter-Life Crisis: Unpacking Uncertainty in Our 20s and 30sThe term 'midlife crisis' has been thrown around for a while, painting a picture of middle-aged people struggling with their youth passing. However, a newer term has emerged in psychology circles: the 'quarter-life crisis.'
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Combatting Social Media Comparisons
Social Media Envy: Navigating the maze of Instagram Perfection. In our hyper-connected digital age, platforms like Instagram serve as windows into curated lives – full of flawless selfies, amazing vacations, and picture-perfect moments.
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Communicating Better: Digitally and Face to Face
In today's digital age, our primary mode of communication has moved from in-person interactions to digital. From texts and emails to video calls, technology has undoubtedly made communication more accessible and immediate. But at what cost? Many psychologists and therapists are diving deep into understanding how this shift impacts our interpersonal skills and the nature of our relationships.
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Choosing a Career that Matters to You
The Quest for Meaningful Careers: Merging Passion, Purpose, and Paychecks. The modern job market is vast and varied, equal parts challenging and ripe with opportunities. While older generations may have prioritised stability and steady income, many young professionals today are on a quest for something deeper: meaningful work.
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Modern Day Burnout
The Modern Burnout Issue: Spotting the Red Flags and Seeking Balance. In the heart of our digitally-driven era, many find themselves at the intersection of innovation and exhaustion. We are in the "burnout generation," many grapple with a unique blend of professional, personal, and societal pressures.
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The Reality of Self Care
Self-Care in Modern Culture: Moving Past the Trend to Embrace Authentic Well-being. As self-care continues to trend, we often think spa days, exotic retreats, and lavish living. While these have their place, genuine self-care is much deeper. Faced with our own unique challenges, it’s important to redefine self-care to prioritising mental, emotional, and physical health.
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Balancing Mental Health and Remote Work
Balancing Remote Work and Mental Health: Overcoming Isolation in Digital Work.The rise of remote work has transformed the landscape of professional life for countless people. While it offers unmatched flexibility, it also brings unique challenges, particularly concerning mental health.
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Commitment in the Age of choice
In the age of dating apps, infinite career paths, and the appeal of endless possibilities, people find themselves facing a challenge: choice. With an ever-expanding range of options, commitment, whether in relationships or careers, can feel more daunting than ever.
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