The Story of Recharge Wellness and Our Mission to Transform Mental Health Support.

The Recharge story started off the back of Founders Nick and Femi identifying thousands of people within the system falling between the gaps: the gap between being ‘okay’ in the community and needing hospitalisation. After working many years in the public health sector, we realised people need simpler ways to access effective mental health support, regardless of their stage, situation or status.

Coupling effective technological solutions including software platforms with high quality professionals, we found that having a discreet and tailored approach to skill acquisition along with support from experienced professionals was the most effective way of reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety within our demographic.
our vision

A future where everyday Australians have adequate access to mental health support regardless of their stage, status or situation.

the mission

Recharge conceptualises and delivers innovative opportunities, for everyday Australians to get support for their mental health.

Rethinking Modern Dating

Navigating the Modern Dating Scene: The Psychological Perspective on Swipe Culture

In today's world, finding love or companionship often requires just a few swipes and clicks. With the rise of dating apps, traditional dating has evolved, making way for what we popularly term as "swipe culture". But what does this mean for our psychological well-being? How does therapy weigh in on the emotional impact of this modern dating scene?

The Psychological Backdrop of Online Dating

Dating apps have revolutionised the way we all approach relationships. With the convenience and vast array of options these platforms provide, there's no doubt about their appeal. However, many psychologists and therapists have started to note the unintended psychological side effects of such platforms. The sheer volume of potential matches can lead to a paradox of choice, where too many options can create anxiety or dissatisfaction.

Swipe Culture and Self-worth

One of the significant challenges identified by online therapists and psychologists is the impact of swipe culture on self-worth. In a landscape where judgments are made in split seconds based on curated profiles, it's easy to internalise rejection or feel the pressure to present a perfected online image. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy or a distorted self-image, with many seeking online therapy to navigate these complex emotions.

Finding Balance in the Age of Digital Love

Online psychologists often emphasise the importance of maintaining a balance. While dating apps can be a fantastic tool to meet people, especially in our current socially distanced world, it's vital to approach them with a sense of self-awareness. Here are some strategies recommended by therapists:

Set Boundaries: Just like you would in traditional dating, it's essential to establish boundaries in the digital realm. Decide on the amount of time you're comfortable spending on these apps and stick to it.

Seek Authenticity: Instead of getting swept up in the game of numbers, focus on quality connections. Authenticity is key, both in how you present yourself and what you seek in others.

Consider Online Psychology Sessions: If you find that dating apps are taking a toll on your mental health, consider reaching out to an online psychologist or therapist. They can provide tailored advice and coping strategies, helping you navigate the complex world of modern dating with resilience and self-assuredness.


While the modern dating scene has its unique set of challenges, with the right mindset and support, it's possible to navigate it healthily. Whether you're seeking advice, support, or understanding, remember that online therapy is just a click away, providing a space to discuss and understand our evolving relationship dynamics.