The Story of Recharge Wellness and Our Mission to Transform Mental Health Support.

The Recharge story started off the back of Founders Nick and Femi identifying thousands of people within the system falling between the gaps: the gap between being ‘okay’ in the community and needing hospitalisation. After working many years in the public health sector, we realised people need simpler ways to access effective mental health support, regardless of their stage, situation or status.

Coupling effective technological solutions including software platforms with high quality professionals, we found that having a discreet and tailored approach to skill acquisition along with support from experienced professionals was the most effective way of reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety within our demographic.
our vision

A future where everyday Australians have adequate access to mental health support regardless of their stage, status or situation.

the mission

Recharge conceptualises and delivers innovative opportunities, for everyday Australians to get support for their mental health.

Team Page
Registered Psychologist

Mary Pashayan

About Me

Hi, I’m Mary. Traveling has been a transformative experience for me, exposing me to new cultures, perspectives, and ways of life. Besides travelling, I love to dance, spend time with friends and have long conversations about deep existential questions as well as the trivial controversies of life (pineapple on pizza or not?). Life presents us all with challenges and I feel honoured to help people when they are going through a challenging time in their lives. I have experienced my own significant challenges and losses which have impacted me and cultivated my empathy and commitment to support others. As a first-generation immigrant growing up in Australia, I’ve witnessed first-hand how migration, culture, language, and family dynamics can shape one’s upbringing. This understanding allows me to provide culturally sensitive and inclusive support as well as recognise the influence of various factors in the formation of personal identity.

Professional Experience

In my professional experience, I have worked in private and not-for-profit sectors working with clients across the lifespan. I am passionate about working with people from different backgrounds with a range of psychological difficulties and life experiences.

What I can help with

Mood Disorders
Suicidal Thoughts
Eating Disorders
Panic Attacks
Personality Disorder
Self Harm

My Approach to Therapy

My personal style can be described as eclectic, as I draw inspiration from diverse influences and perspectives. My therapeutic philosophy is derived from many places such as trauma-informed care, intersectional feminist theory, queer theory, and stoicism. I believe it’s important that therapy acknowledges the world in which we live and the influence of cultural, political and economic systems. In my professional approach, I prioritise creating a relaxed and comfortable space for you to explore and thrive. I believe that a genuine and empathetic connection is the key to meaningful therapy. I also love to help people explore their own values and identities, and foster better relationships with those they care about.

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